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The easiest way to get in touch with me, is to email me through my business email address, which is jamie@fearoffish.com

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I’m currently contracting for a Healthcare company in the US called PharmMD, effectively filling the role of Director of IT Operations. I handle the infrastructure and development team.

I’ve reduced hosting costs to a third of the cost from when I arrived, as well as increasing redundancy over the board. I used Amazon Web Services as well as Opscode’s Chef to reduce those costs and automated the build of over 100 server instances.

Key Skills

So now you know about me, here’s some key parts of the past 7 years that you might find useful when judging if I’m the man you need for a job.

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I get personal

I’m Jamie van Dyke. I was born in the North of England in a little town called Steeton. My Father was Dutch (he passed away) and my Mother is British. I’m in my early thirties and my hair is balding slightly at the back, which is a little depressing. I only have two children as far as I’m aware, they are Lex (my son, who is 4) and Liesel (my Daughter, who is 12). I’m engaged to Kelly Baker who is clearly a little dizzy because she wants to marry me!

And now for the Ugly Truth. I’m a grumpy man with a twist of humour, I’ll make you laugh but I’m one hell of a cynic! I strive for perfection in most of the things I do and I’m continuously disappointed with other’s attitude toward those around them. I don’t think I’m the best Father in the world, nor am I the best partner or worker, but I work as hard as I can to be them. What I would say though is that I’m a lot like Marmite, you either love me or hate me and there’s very rarely a middle ground. I’m extremely helpful, but suffer from an inability to say “no” to those that need my help, so sometimes I spread myself too thin with too many things to do. I apologise for that.