Where Are You Jamie

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This is a seriously old post. I’d probably not bother reading it, but I keep it here for nostalgia.

Where Are You, Jamie?

I’m still alive! I’ve been contracting for a Healthcare company in Nashville. I’ve been doing a multitude of jobs, the timeline went something a little like this:

  • A month of web development
  • Infrastructure development (cost reduction, increased redundancy, instance automation)
  • Infrastructure Manager
  • Captain of the Imaginarium (Research and Development)

The last one is clearly the strangest title I chose, but it reflected what I do. Here’s some examples of what I get tasked:

  • “Give us geographical redundancy at a low cost”
  • “Find a solution for Cynthia, see if you can automate that”
  • “We need to send and receive faxes, both from a web app and from the desktop”

I research each one, find possible solutions and then prototype them. The final choice is given to the Director.

What else have I been doing?

My main role has been as a DevOps, working with Amazon mostly. Their tools are fantastically designed to help reduce costs while increasing redundancy. I reduced the hosting costs by a third at PharmMD, increasing redundancy at the same time. I took an Advanced PostgreSQL course which helped understand how to architect the entire infrastructure.

Amazon Cloud Formation, coupled with all the AWS tools is great for architecting a redundant, scalable framework. I’ve also played with VMWare’s CloudFoundry to reduce the lock-in you get with a vendor like that.

I’m currently looking around to see who else might need my services, I’m available globally as I work from home. I’m happy flying out for on-location work too, and can be hugely beneficial for initial planning and working closely with others.

If you’re interested, get in touch through my contact details on the ‘about me’ page. I’m not immediately available, but I might be the one you need to plan the next stage of your infrastructure. I look forward to hearing from you.